Sailing the Caldera

Today, the highlight  was a late afternoon sail through the center of the volcano, called The Caldera.  Santorini used to be a single island with a center peak, which was actually a volcano--and in fact, is still an active volcano today.  Nearly 4,000 years ago the volcano erupted, an event that is considered to be … Continue reading Sailing the Caldera

Easter in Crete

What an experience it has been, a highlight of our travels to spend Easter in Crete. We arrived yesterday, welcomed with candles to partake in the Greek Orthodox traditions of "Big Saturday" (closest translation of a reference similar to Holy Saturday).  At 11:00 PM we went to the cathedral to join hundreds of worshippers for … Continue reading Easter in Crete

Good morning, from our peaceful little corner of the Mediterranean.

No need to worry about us, Mom. We are far removed from the more contentious area of the Mediterranean; no war ships in the bay of Cannes. Yesterday we drove to St. Tropez for lunch, and the night prior we took a sunset drive along the rocky cliffs of the Mediterranean coast to find a … Continue reading Good morning, from our peaceful little corner of the Mediterranean.

Good morning, Mom.

Good morning, Mom! We are beginning our Wednesday morning here in Cannes, France (still at the house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea), as you are likely sleeping. The time difference is seven hours, we are ahead. Our time here has been wonderful. So beautiful and relaxing. The intensity of the sun is incredible! This area is … Continue reading Good morning, Mom.

A Little Bit of Home

Today we made our way into the French countryside of Provence.  It was magical and touching, the sensory elements transported me back to moments of Spring at home.  Crisp air, blue skies dotted by the occasional passing cloud, Spring greens, and all of the energy of new growth, buds pushing through. I don't know if … Continue reading A Little Bit of Home