Good morning, Mom.

Good morning, Mom! We are beginning our Wednesday morning here in Cannes, France (still at the house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea), as you are likely sleeping. The time difference is seven hours, we are ahead.

Our time here has been wonderful. So beautiful and relaxing. The intensity of the sun is incredible! This area is a micro-climate, with more days of sunshine per year than almost anywhere in the world. And the sun is intense. Mornings are about 54 degrees, but Dan and I sit on our balcony in shorts and light shirts, still sweating from the heat.

Days are 65-72 degrees, and our day at the beach in Cannes felt like it was in the 90s! Hot ☀️

This is a two week stop for us. We move on Saturday, flying to Naples, Italy. SUPER excited! Dan and I have each had multiple visits to Italy, some together and some before we met, but we have never been to Southern Italy so this will all be new.

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of the gorgeous wisteria surrounding our entry (above).  The wisteria, poppies and so many other plants are are coming into bloom as Spring sets in. I wish I could bottle the fragrant air and send it your way.

Love to you ❤️


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